Rask and Kluge
March 11, 2015
by admin

Dr. Kimberly Rask, Chief Data Officer at Alliant Health Solutions and Linda Kluge, Director IDIQ, Alliant Quality continue to showcase the essence of Alliant’s Clinical Leadership to a national audience through the recent publication of their article “Using a small workgroup to jump-start a community–wide coalition to reduce preventable hospital readmissions.” in the January/February 2015 edition of the Journal for Healthcare Quality (Vo. 37, Number 1). This recently published article shares how unplanned hospital readmissions are common and often preventable. A team at the QIO has been working on this for many years and when they examined Medicare data, they noticed that some areas of our states have higher-than-expected readmission rates. Through using community-organizing techniques to assess provider engagement, it was found that a small workgroup of high impact providers could address some root causes for preventable readmissions. This small group was able to achieve quick wins, which reinvigorated the larger, community-wide coalition. Monthly meetings were convened and rapid-cycle initiatives were implemented to improve the patient transfer process among providers. The effectiveness of this initiative was demonstrated not only through a reduction in readmission rates to the anchor hospital, but also through a community-wide decline in readmission rates for Medicare beneficiaries. Click on the link included in this article to read the full story.