March 11, 2015
by admin
Alliant Health Solutions (AHS) is proud that one of our own, Dr. Adrienne Mims, MD MPH, has been elected to the American Medical Association Executive Committee for the Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement (PCPI). This national level effort is an opportunity for clinical experts, such as Dr. Mims, to collaborate on best practices, methods and measures that advance the improvement of health care. Dr. Mims demonstrates her commitment to service through her continued leadership with PCPI. Prior to her selection, Dr. Mims served on the Quality Improvement Advisory Committee where she helped create annual goals and metrics for the PCPI Quality Improvement Program and provided expertise in improvement models and methods.

Dr. Mims exemplifies the mission of Alliant, to make health care better. We are proud that our physicians choose to serve patients through collaboration with stakeholders who share our mission. Above all, the employees who work for Alliant Health Solutions go above and beyond what is expected of them and are true clinical leaders, extending the impact of improved health care.


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