The Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) is designated to have oversight of Georgia’s Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program and the Nurse Aide Registry. DCH contracts with Alliant to support the administration and oversight of the Georgia Nurse Aide Program (i.e. the Nurse Aide Registry and Nurse Aide Training Program). Alliant ensures that the approved Nurse Aide Training Programs and the Nurse Aide Registry are in compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations as stated in 42 CFR 483.150-158 and with state guidelines.

Nurse aide training and the establishment of state nurse aide registries originated in 1990, from the Federal Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA). The mission of OBRA was to increase the quality of care by ensuring that all nurse aides employed in long-term care facilities have minimum competencies for assisting licensed nurses. Georgia adopted the guidelines for nurse aide training, certification and program approval directly from the OBRA rules and regulations.

Nurse Aide Training Program Requirements

  • Georgia Nurse Aide Training and/or Competency Evaluation Programs must be approved and consist of a minimum of 85 hours including classroom and clinical training. Twenty four (24) hours of clinical training must be conducted in a nursing home.
  • The Georgia Nurse Aide Training Program reviews all applications submitted by training and/or competency evaluation programs for compliance with federal training program regulations.
  • The training program candidate may initiate an application via and must then submit hard copies of lesson plans, clinical contracts, exams, handouts and program policies for the review to be completed.
  • The training program candidate may also obtain the application form by phone. If requested by phone, staff will forward the application to the training program candidate. The training program candidate will submit the application via mail. Once the training program application is reviewed, an on-site visit is conducted. A final decision is made and the applicant will be notified of the decision.

Georgia Nurse Aide Registry

  • The Georgia Nurse Aide Program (NAP) identifies nurse aides who have successfully completed training and competency evaluation requirements. Alliant updates and maintains the Georgia Nurse Aide Registry (NAR).
  • The Georgia NAP issues certification cards to all active nurse aides on the Georgia NAR. The certification card does not verify that the individual is currently in good standing, therefore, providers and employers are required to verify this with the registry via  or NAP IVR at 678-527-3010 or 800-414-4358.
  • The NAR information is accessible via the IVR and Providers and employers may print the information as confirmation of a nurse aide’s status from the website.
  • Once a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) is placed on the registry, he or she must renew the certification every two years.
  • To renew, the CNA must provide evidence that he or she has been employed, with pay, as a CNA for a minimum of eight hours in the previous 24 month certification period under the supervision of a nurse.

Nurse Aide Staff Development Reviews

  • The Georgia Nurse Aide Program (NAP) is responsible for conducting annual staff development reviews at all licensed, Medicare and Medicaid long-term care facilities.
  • The on-site review audits information regarding certified nurse aide (CNA) in-service hours, current CNA certification status and employment status.

Train-the-Trainer Workshops

  • The Georgia NAP provides Train-the-Trainer workshops for all nurses seeking approval as program coordinators and program instructors in approved Nurse Aide Training and/or Competency Evaluation Programs.
  • Train-the-Trainer workshops are conducted at locations on a rotating basis throughout Georgia. Each workshop is conducted twice a month statewide. The Train-the-Trainer workshop schedule is posted quarterly at where applicants must register for the no-cost workshop. The schedule is also mailed to all Nurse Aide Training Programs upon request.

Additional information regarding the Nurse Aide Registry or the Nurse Aide Training Program can be found at or by calling 678-527-3010 or 800-414-4358.