Alliant administers the Georgia Certified Nurse Aide Registry and Certified Medication Aide Registry. The medication aide program in Georgia is administered by the Department of Community Health (DCH) and includes the certified medication aide course and web-based written competency examination.

The Medication Aide Program is a Georgia state-approved training program, which is generally offered in a state-approved assisted living community.

DCH must ensure that the approved Georgia Medication Aide Program complies with the Georgia State Law as stated in O.C.G. A. Chapter 7 of Title 31.

Upon successful completion of the medication aide course, a Georgia physician, registered nurse or pharmacist must submit a final skills checklist online prior to the Georgia Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) taking the certified mediation aide examination. Once the CNA has passed the online written medication aide competency examination, a certificate will be issued. The candidate will be placed on the Georgia Medication Aide Registry valid for a period of two years. Employers can verify CNA and CMA registry status via the website.


An instructor offering a certified medication aide training program or continuing education to certify medication aides must be a Goergia licensed physician, registered nurse, or pharmacist in good standing. All instructors must follow the professional code of conduct at all times.

Instructors must provide in-services to the medication aide on the following topics:
Include sixteen (16) hours of education biennially on:

  • New classes of drugs and new drugs; and/or
  • Reviewing medication errors and how to prevent them; and/or
  • New methods of administering drugs; and/or
  • Safety and administration of drugs; and/or
  • Documentation

Assisted Living Communities

The assisted living community must report to Alliant any terminations of CMAs for cause relating specifically to the performance of medication administration tasks where the separation for cause was finally upheld or the time for appealing the separation has expired.

Further information regarding the Georgia Assisted Living Community Medication Aide Training and Registry can be found on the website.