By choosing Alliant you gain a trusted resource necessary to implement program changes that will achieve value while improving health and the quality of care.



Since our founding, we have been a clinically-led organization and our operations are clinically-driven. Our medical directors are more than integral staff to support program operations: their knowledge is available to you and to providers. Our medical directors view themselves as stewards of their profession and actively take on a leadership / mentorship role in the provider community. As liaisons and educators to the provider community, they have one goal in mind; improving health care.

Our clinical staff include experienced people with a variety of expertise across all care settings. We also are supported by a large group of consulting physicians, dentists, psychologists and other licensed professionals providing expert knowledge and judgment for evaluation of requests for services. These clinicians practice in urban and rural settings and represent approximately 70 medical specialties.


We streamline processes, expand capabilities and drive program change through Alliant's innovative, proprietary technology solutions. We have developed and own the systems and we customize them to meet customer needs without relying on third parties or outside vendors. This enables us to be responsive to program needs and to accurately predict what is required to tailor the systems to meet those needs. Our current platforms and approaches, combined with an ongoing commitment to innovation, meet the needs of our customers today and tomorrow.

Alliant systems incorporate customized data collection and reporting methods. Our customers have real-time access to systems and can monitor activities, access data and reports for strategic decision making, and request data analysis. Our technology and processes reduce administrative burden on program activities and increase provider and member satisfaction.


Responsiveness to customer requests and needs is a vital part of our business relationship. Our long and stable history supports our ability to be responsive and do what it takes to get the job done right. Therefore, we accommodate changes in program policy into our work processes and systems. Our corporate capabilities give us flexibility and cost-efficiency in meeting new requirements throughout the life of our business partnerships. Many of our services and products are customized specifically to better serve customer program goals. We concentrate not only on routinely delivering and meeting performance goals and metrics, but consistently exceeding them. Our organization is a resource for clinical expertise and a reliable partner who acts in our customers’ best interest. If we see a need that is not being met, we work with each customer to address it.